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How the Eagles could get LeGarrette Blount back

The Eagles, who are in need of a running back, could really use Lions running back LeGarrette Blount again. Despite his low yards/carry stat, Blount demonstrates competent blocking and leadership skills.

With Lions quarterback Matthews Stafford catching up to his age, a QB acquisition by the Lions wouldn’t be the dumbest thing.

With the likeliness of Eagles QB Nick Foles leaving, the Eagles could either franchise tag him or exercise his $20 million option for next season, then trade him for an asset – Blount.

Here’s what the trade could look like…

Lions receive: QB Nick Foles
Eagles receive: RB LeGarrette Blount

I wouldn’t call this likely, but knowing the NFL, you truly do never know what isn’t likely of happening.

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C Breez
2 years ago

If he comes back to Philly, make sure your 18 year old daughters are under lock and key because he will come looking for them

Betty Boop
2 years ago

???????????? Did you just say you’d trade Foles for Blount?? Okay… AND???? There’s no way on earth I’d want the eagles to trade for a 32 year old RB who avg’d about 2-3 yards per carry this year for a SB MVP. Sorry.

I mean, I love LeGarrette Blount and would love for the eagles to get him back, but not for that deal. You’d have to give up a 1st round pick also or something.