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Hot Take: Brett Brown is the only reason why the 76ers are good

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Before the Philadelphia 76ers fell short to the Golden State Warriors, the Sixers made some questionable plays and fans are fast to put the blame on head coach Brett Brown. The final score ended up being 120 – 117, Warriors.

After the game, Sixers fans took to social media slandering Brown’s coaching ability and question why he is still part of the organization. “Some of the worst decision making I have ever seen to finish a game,” a Sixers fan replied when the final score was posted.

Nonetheless, before Sixers fans decide to take to social media, they should settle down and realize what they’re saying – Brown could be the only reason why the Sixers are as good as they are. After all, he has quite the experience as a head coach – the 2013 season to the 2016 season, Brown coached a 66 winning team combined (which was only 16 more wins that they had last season alone).

Sixers fans are also forgetting that they were playing without their best player, Joel Embiid. The 7’2″ center provides competent defense and slows down the offense when necessary (which is something they lack when it came down to the wire). They also didn’t possess key bench player, Boban Marjanovic, who also provides stellar defense.

If I worked in the front office for the Sixers, firing Brown would be the last thing I resort to. The fact that Brown is able to handle a BIG 4 can really show you how admirable he is as a head coach. For most NBA teams, they’re unable to succeed with such talent because there is only so much they can share on the court. One player will want the ball more, another player will want more minutes, so-on … that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Sixers, though. Brown has indeed handled success quite frankly well. Warriors coach Steve Kerr is probably be the only other coach that can do such.

Prior to being acquired by the Sixers, PF Mike Scott was averaging only 4.8 points per game, but he’s now averaging almost double that. Brown was able to augment Scott’s statistics – he now is 10.9% higher in three point attempts, 0.9% higher in free throw attempts, 0.2 more assists per game, 0.1 more blocks per game, and somehow with all the stars the Sixers have, he is able to increase minutes played for Scott and help him reach his potential.

Not only that, but following the acquisition of Tobias Harris, Brett used his competent coaching skills to admirably integrate Harris into the Sixers system. Harris has yet to score below 20 points while on the road with the Sixers this season. He’s on a 20+ points steak of six games. Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, and Joel Embiid are also doing an outstanding job thanks to Brett Brown.

Losing by only three points to the defending NBA champions, without our best player and key bench player, shouldn’t be something worth stressing over.

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