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Game to watch as an Eagles fan while waiting for Eagles-Rams game

Ugh, the Eagles don’t play till’ 4:25, what game should I watch till’ then?

There’s two important games that impact the Eagles playoff seed, MINvsCAR and SEAvsJAX. Which one is more important though?

Well first off, the Vikings are 10-2 and the Panthers and Seahawks are 8-4. So If Panthers and Seahawks win they will advance to 9-4 which is still not as good as the Eagles record. However the 10-2 Vikings whom have a tie-breaker over the Eagles are a threat. Even though Panthers are a threat as well, Eagles already beat them, so no need to worry particularly about them. But it will definitely help the Eagles if Panthers beat the Vikings. Therefor if the Vikings lose they will go down to 10-3 and Panthers will go up to 9-4 (which is still not as good as the Eagles record). Then if Eagles win, they will go to 11-2 and take over the NFC Conference again if the Vikings lose. It would also help if the Jaguars defeat the Seahawks forcing them to go down to 8-5.

So what game should I watch as an Eagles fan? Definitely the MINvsCAR. Panthers also have home-field advantage over the Vikings meaning the Panthers have a better chance to win. Go Panthers (and Jags)!

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