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Former NFL player and ESPN personality says Carson Wentz will be the MVP in 2019

On “The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry,” former NFL defensive back and ESPN personality Louis Riddick believes Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz will win the MVP award for the 2019 NFL season.

Carson Wentz right now I believe is going to be the MVP for 2019,” said Riddick.  “I said this back on, I think it was Memorial Day—I said it that weekend, that he is just being set up for success.  Just like it was the reason why Jared Goff had the year he had, the reason why I thought [Patrick] Mahomes would have the year he had.  Carson is set up the same way.”

“Remember now: in 2017 he was on his way to being the league MVP anyway, until he got injured.  Now they’re even better.  Now their running game is even stronger, now the wide receiver core is even better; they got two stud tight ends right now in Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert—I mean that’s just ridiculous.  The addition of DeSean Jackson gives them a third-level component to go with Alshon Jeffery.

And look, [Eagles head coach] Doug Pederson has proven [he’s] one of the best play-callers in the NFL.  They have told Carson, just be a little ‘this is mine now,’ ‘be a little more Magic Johnson,’ ‘less Michael Jordan’—just distribute.  You distribute, the yards are going to come.  And with that yardage, and with touchdowns, and with winning…  You know how voters vote.”

Riddick isn’t insane by believing this either—As Riddick said, Wentz was on his way to win MVP honors in 2017 until he got hurt, of course.  But now this year’s Eagles’ team is even better, accounting for the new and improved options Wentz now has.

[via ESPN]
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