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Eagles Top 10 Players of 2017-18 NFL Season

Obviously, following a Super Bowl victory, for any team, there will be many top players, but to cool it down a bit, you’ll here our top 10 Philadelphia Eagles players of the 2017-18 NFL Season that made a significant impact, as follows:

No. 10 – DE Derek Barnett: Some may think it’s a little too-far, or even silly by putting Barnett in top-10 players for the Eagles. But if you think about his two fumble recoveries, five sacks, a defensive touchdown, one forced-fumble, and his 18 tackles, he made a significant impact to the Eagles this past season. If it weren’t for him, we possibly would have lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots without his fumble recovery, from Brandon Graham’s strip sack.

No. 9 – RT Lane Johnson: Definitely a mentionable name. Despite the dumb numerous penalties Johnson had, he made a big impact on the Eagles season – allowing just one sack, with 591 snaps taken on the field – which is extremely good for a tackle.

No. 8 – LB Mychal Kendricks: After having a non-shine season during the 2016 season, Kendricks turned the ship around in 2017. Last season, the champ had 77 tackles and two sacks.

No. 7 – QB Nick Foles: You may have expected the Super Bowl MVP to be a little lower in the list, but I think I put him where he deserves. There in no proof that Nate Sudfeld couldn’t have done what he did – I’m not saying he could have – but there’s no proof. Against the Cowboys (last game of regular-season, in 2017, of course), Sudfeld put up a passer rating of 90.9, versus Foles who put up a terrible passer rating of 9.3.

No. 6 – DE Brandon Graham: It’s a terrible error or mistake if Graham isn’t on a/the top-10 players list. After forcing two fumbles, having a touchdown and a fumble recovery, and having 9.5 sacks as well as 33 tackles – including a game put-away strip-sack on Tom Brady in Super Bowl 52, Graham definitely deserves to be on this list.

No. 5 – RB Corey Clement: He lead the Eagles touchdowns among running backs, averaged 4.3 yards per carry, 321 rushing yards and two receiving touchdowns, not including the one in Super Bowl 52 – he must be up here.

No. 4 – TE Zach Ertz: Surely Ertz was a team leader, and great on-the-field coach, as well as a stat master. He should, and will be up here on this list. When the Eagles need a good play in the red zone…USE ERTZ…just as they did at the end of Super Bowl 52.

No. 3 – CB Patrick Robinson: May have been one of the best slot-cornerbacks in Eagles history. When you think of Robinson, you replay his game-shifting interception against the Vikings and QB Case Keenum – without him, Eagles may have very much lost that game. For that reason, he needs to be up here – worthy enough to be at top-3.

No. 2 – WR Alshon Jeffery: The best investment by the World Champions needs to be up here, obviously. Why not put him at top-2 for his nine touchdowns (most among Eagles receivers), 789 yards and 57 receptions? As well as a memorable three receiving touchdowns in the Eagles’ playoff run last season.

No. 1 – QB Carson Wentz: I think everyone knew this one – at least everyone that follows the NFL just in general. Wentz broke franchise history with his 33 passing touchdowns in 13.70 games. Imagine if he played the whole season – he would have definitely passed over 40 touchdowns, but unfortunately tore his ACL before doing-so. Wentz put up an attractive 101.9 passer rating last 2017-18 season.

Comment below your top-10 Eagles players.


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