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Eagles ‘Philly Special’ was not an illegal formation

Unfortunately for Philadelphia Eagles fans, the infamous touchdown call of ‘Philly Special’ has to come with controversy.

The ball was snapped to RB Corey Clement, who then passed it backwards to TE Trey Burton, who then threw it to QB Nick Foles in the end zone for a touchdown. A video of the touchdown is as follows (after advertisement):

Every time a video is posted of the ‘Philly Special’, salty and butt-hurt people, and Patriots’ fans have to mention and remind everyone that it was an “illegal” formation.

An image of the ‘Philly Special’ formation is as follows via Twitter:

Official NFL Rules state via here:

  1. Offensive team must have at least seven players on line.
  2. Offensive players, not on line, must be at least one yard back at snap.

If we look back at the formation, there are only six people on the line of scrimmage, and there must be seven. WR Alshon Jeffery is where the heartbeat of the apparent “illegal” formation. If Jeffery was on the line, there would be seven people, which would be fine and legal, meaning zero controversy. But looking at the formation, Jeffery doesn’t look on the line, so there are six offensive players. But, there are videos of Jeffery checking with the official, and the official approved of where he was standing, that video is as follows (after advertisement):

So that would make the formation legal, and consider him on the line.

Therefor, the formation is legal, not illegal.

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Fuck you
1 year ago

Nobody is butthurt. It was an illegal play and y’all are butthurt because why? It’s not like the outcome of the game changed or they will take your SB win away. Relax eagles fans y’all got away with murder that entire game.

Ted fresgi
7 months ago

It was an illegal formation.