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Eagles keeping QB Carson Wentz & Nick Foles could cost them up to $50M in 2019

With the likeliness of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles leaving the team during the offseason, many people are suggesting they should keep him and Carson Wentz. Some even say that they could use Wentz as the regular-season QB and Foles as the postseason QB.

According to ProSport Analytics, Eagles can expect Wentz’s next contract to be around $90 million for three years … that would be $30 million per year. So that’s already $30 million that Eagles would have to spend on him in 2019 if they extend his contract this offseason. That doesn’t include any other bonuses.

To retain Foles, Eagles would either have to exercise his $20 million option for next season or franchise tag him for about $21 million.

So if they keep Wentz and Foles under some kind of deal, it would end up costing the Eagles up to $50 million for the 2019 NFL Season – that would be the most spending by any team on quarterbacks.

Personally, I think the Eagles should wait to extend Wentz, and see how he does in 2019. Meanwhile, they should exercise Foles‘ $20 million option for next season so they can keep both quarterbacks. If Wentz remains healthy, start him. If he doesn’t stay healthy, it may be time for the Eagles to move on from him, and put Foles under a contract. This would only cost the Eagles $24 million next season if they wait another season to extend Wentz. But remember, the Eagles could do a lot to their roster by saving $20 million.

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