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Eagles fall to horrible team in embarrasing game

The Philadelphia Eagles may have played their worst game all season today. Not offensively, but the defensive unit somehow found a way to make it the team’s worst… Philadelphia fell short to the 2-9 Miami Dolphins, 37-31.

Eagles did have an early lead of 14 points over the Dolphins, until their awful defensive unit–primarily the secondary–found a way to disregard everything. And when I say “secondary,” I’m referring to Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby.

Although the defensive flaws materialized, the offense didn’t have a perfect game either… A crucial third-quarter drop by Zach Ertz in the red zone is one reason to blame the Eagles’ for not seizing triumph, as well as another fourth-quarter drop in the end zone again by Ertz.

On the bright side, Carson Wentz did have improvement compared to last week–disregarding the fact that he played against a 2-9 team–but perhaps it was just enough to get him somewhat back on track.

With the crucial Ertz drops, and blown secondary coverage from Mills and Darby, I think it’s safe to say that those three players are–although not the sole reason–the ones to blame for the Eagles’ sheer patheticalness against the Dolphins Sunday, and inevitably doomed their playoff chances.

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