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Eagles expected to pick up Nick Foles’ $20 million option

The Philadelphia Eagles will likely pick up the $20 million option on quarterback Nick Foles, says an NFL Network report (see below).

What this means remains to be seen, however. If the Eagles do pick up his option, Foles has five days to decide if he wants to pick up his end of the option. If not, Foles will have to pay the team $2 million to become a free agent (where a lucrative multi-year deal likely awaits him).

If Foles does attempt to leave for free agency, the Eagles could theoretically place the franchise tag on him, opening the door for a likely trade.

On the other hand, if Foles accepts the $20 option, the Eagles could still trade (or cut) him, though league rules would mean the Eagles would have to act quickly.

Either way, it’s still unlikely that Nick Foles will be an Eagle next season.

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