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Eagles defeat Giants to clinch playoff birth

Amid the scores of injuries the Eagles accumulated, they were still able to seize triumph over the New York Giants to clinch a wildcard spot in the NFL Playoffs for the 2019 Season.

It was no enthralling matchup or season and the Eagles sure were spotty, but that evidently didn’t stop them from a playoff birth.

The score was 34-17 in New York, and was somewhat similar to the Eagles last game of the regular season last year—the Eagles season was dependent on their very last game, and we Eagles fans had to keep an eye on the Bears game to ensure their loss.

In contrast this year, however, the Eagles controlled their destiny, as, although the Redskins-Cowboys game was dependent on the Eagles fate had they lost, it didn’t really matter if Philadelphia won . . . Which they did.

Also of note is Carson Wentz’s surpassing of 4,000 passing yards, which contributes to a record: first quarterback in the NFL to amass over 4,000 yards with each receiver having fewer than 500 receiving yards. Not a very broad stat, but notable.

In terms of what next week holds, the Eagles will either face the Seahawks or 49ers, which will be decided when the two play each other at 8:20 PM EST Sunday.

If the Eagles end up playing the Seahawks, they will undoubtedly be imposed as a threat to the Eagles . . . The past couple of seasons, the Seahawks reign supreme among they and the Eagles. The Eagles-Seahawks matchup was arguably the Eagles worst game of their season in 2017 (the season they won the Super Bowl).

In light of such for the Eagles, the game will be played in Philly, for, despite their relatively unattractive record, the Eagles won their division; NFC East.

Go Eagles!

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