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Eagles coach Doug Pederson speaks out about ‘Big Balls Doug’ nickname

Doug Pederson and an Eagles Encore
On Monday, following Eagles’ HC Doug Pederson and GM Howie Roseman getting issued contract extensions, Sports Illustrated conducted an interview on Pederson. During the interview, Pederson and interviewee Mitch Goldich were talking about Pederson’s book that mentioned aggressiveness a lot, then Goldich asked Pederson, well, just look for yourself:

Mitch Goldich: You talk a lot in the book about being aggressive, and you’re now pretty well-known for that. There are people who’ve given you the nickname Big Balls Doug, which I’m sure you’ve seen…

Doug Pederson: I’ve seen the caricature, or whatever you call it.

MG: The ‘South Park’ meme?

DP: Yeah, I’ve seen that.

MG: So what are your thoughts on the nickname and the meme?

DP: Gosh. You know, it sounds a little, it sounds bad, but … I love being touted as being aggressive. Because if I only get one opportunity in this business to be a head football coach, I definitely want to do it my way and lead my way. Calculated, not a gambler by any means, or on a whim. Very calculated and thought-out and detail-oriented. But at the same time, put our team in a position to be successful, and help us win as many games as possible each season. So it’s an honor to be respected and be thought of that way. The pictures, obviously, I could do without. But it’s an honor.


NFL Power Rankings: B/R’s Expert Consensus Rank for Each Team
Despite Eagles’ winning the Super Bowl, and being better than they were that game, per Bleacher Report themselves, the Philadelphia Eagles are tied at no. two on their preseason power rankings. Apparently, the Los Angeles Rams are just as good as the reigning Super Bowl champs, and the Minnesota Vikings are even better. Yes, you read that correctly. The team the Eagles beat by 31 in the playoffs, is better than them (LOL). Yes, the Vikings immensely improved with the addition of QB Kirk Cousins and DT Sheldon Richardson, but I wouldn’t say that’s quite enough for them to beat or even tie a 31 point deficit. Shame on Bleacher Report.

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers lead NFL’s top quarterbacks for 2018
According to David Carr of the NFL, Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz is not a top-10 player in the league for 2018. Which is very odd and difficult to understand, considering Wentz threw 33 touchdowns in 13 games, and only seven interceptions. Instead, David thinks Derek Carr, his brother, and Jimmy Garoppolo are better. Last season Derek threw for 11 touchdowns less than Wentz. And Jimmy only threw for seven touchdowns in six games, as well as an ugly five interceptions for the short period of time. Despite Aaron Rodgers being on the list, hopefully its just because Wentz had an injury. Wentz will have to prove them wrong I guess.

Top 100 NFL Players of 2018: Rodgers tops Brady for No. 1, Jaguars have most on list
If you think the actual NFL’s top 100 NFL players list is horrible, you should see CBS’s list. Despite them mentioning six Eagles’ players, there is only one Eagles’ player that ranks in top 50, which is Fletcher Cox at No. 36. The next Eagles’ player comes in at No. 54, Brandon Graham. Probably the most disrespectful ranking yet, is CBS’s placement of Carson Wentz, at No. 70. The MVP-caliber quarterback who only played 13 games, stacked up a total of 33 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Quarterbacks better ranked that Wentz, include Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Matthew Stafford, and then Wentz. Roethlisberger and Stafford in-front of Wentz is definitely disputable. Other Eagles’ player rankings are 72) Jason Kelce 82) Zach Ertz and 88) Malcolm Jenkins. Hopefully we can expect better from NFL’s player-decided list.

The top 50 NFL players for 2018
Pro Football Focus (PFF) tweets the top 50 NFL players for that year, every year. And somehow, the quarterback who was second in touchdown passes for the 2017-18 season, wasn’t in their list. Carson Wentz had 33 touchdown passes, which was one less than Russell Wilson who played three more games than Wentz. Yes, Wilson was on the list, at No. 34 to be specific, despite Wentz having a better grade. Whatever. Hopefully we can expect better from the NFL’s top 100 NFL players list.

NFL’s 10 most talented teams: Eagles, Jaguars lead the way
The Eagles have been a very popular team in the league this week, particularly in politics for being uninvited to the White House, following their inferior Super Bowl victory. Meanwhile, in the “real” football world, news, Gil Brandt of the NFL wrote that Eagles’ have the most talented roster in the league. Which is not very surprising, considering that they won the latest Super Bowl. The list after the Eagles’ No. 1 ranking goes, 2) Jaguars 3) Rams 4) Vikings 5) Titans 6) Chargers 7) Saints 8) Falcons 9) Steelers 10) Giants.

Carson Wentz heads NFL’s top players from 2016 draft right now
According to David Carr of the NFL, Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz is the best player that was drafted out of the 2016 NFL Draft. He ranks over rival players including Cowboys’ RB Ezekiel Elliott and QB Dak Prescott. In the list after Wentz, goes 2) Jalen Ramsey 3) Tyreek Hill 4) Ezekiel Elliott 5) Michael Thomas 6) Jared Golf 7) Joey Bosa 8) Dak Prescott 9) Jordan Howard 10) Kevin Byard. Hopefully Wentz can stay the best player that was drafted out the 2016 NFL Draft for years to come.

NFL defensive line rankings: Jaguars, Eagles, Rams top the list
Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Michael Bennett, Timmy Jernigan, Haloti Ngata, Chris Long, Derek Barnett, Steven Means, and Josh Sweat apparently isn’t enough for Gregg Rosenthal of the NFL. Instead, Rosenthal thinks the Jaguars defensive line is better – Jaguars rank No. 1, and Eagles rank No. 2 in the list. The Jaguars defensive line includes Yannick Ngakoue, Abry Jones, Malik Jackson, and Calais Campbell. Between the Eagles depth, I really disagree with Gregg Rosenthal. Eagles have the best defensive line in the league.

Eagles LB Paul Worrilow tears ACL at OTAs
Anything involving an ACL is probably not likable news to most Eagles fans, especially after their MVP-candidate quarterback Carson Wentz tore his in December. Eagles fans won’t like to hear this either – Philadelphia Eagles veteran linebacker goes down with torn ACL at OTAs on Tuesday.

WATCH: Eagles’ Carson Wentz throwing at OTAs
A video of Carson Wentz throwing has been a rare sight since he went down with a torn ACL in December against the Rams. Well, it’s not much of a rare sight as of Tuesday at OTAs. Watch Carson throw at OTAs here.

Report: Eagles release veteran Mychal Kendricks
Reportedly, defending Super Bowl champions, Philadelphia Eagles, are releasing veteran linebacker Mychal Kendricks. The release will save the Eagles about $7 million in cap space.

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