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Eagles’ backup DE Derek Barnett could replace Vinny Curry next season

You may have seen the last of Philadelphia Eagles’ DE Vinny Curry in a Philly Eagles jersey at Super Bowl 52. It’s no secret that Vinny Curry may be replaced by his own backup, Derek Barnett. Throughout the 2017 season, 29-year-old Vinny Curry has struggled to live up to expectations. He had just three sacks, two less sacks than his backup, Derek Barnett.

With the limited playing time of rookie Derek Barnett, he still managed to get five sacks, a touchdown return from a fumbled lateral, and a strip sack. If you don’t think that’s good for a rookie backup who played only 424 snaps (via FANTASYPROS), then I don’t know what you think the word ‘good’ refers to as.

Anyways, the departure of Vinny Curry could save the team up to $9 million next season (via spotrac). This would put the Philadelphia Eagles’ cap room right back on the positive side. Just think about it – it make’s sense.

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