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Eagles are 5-0 when differential of passes and carries is less than 10

Following the Eagles divisional win over the New York Giants today, the NFC East is still up for grabs. But there is only one way Philadelphia can grab a hold of it.

Currently, the Eagles are 5-0 when the number of passes and carries are within 10 attempts – meaning that every time the Eagles have been fairly balanced on offense (between passes and carries), they’ve won.

As seen above, every loss the Eagles have so far in the season is because the differential of passes and carries is high (meaning it’s unbalanced); and every win the Eagles have is because the differential of passes and carries is low (balanced).

The chart above also helps you visualize my point: all the weeks with close bars (passes and carries), they’ve won. Pretty simple.

This just tells you how important it is to have a balanced offense to win games. So I wouldn’t put all of the blame solely on the offensive coordinator, Mike Groh; instead, a lot of the blame should go on the head coach, Doug Pederson for his play calling.

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