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Donnel Pumphrey shows similarities to Darren Sproles, but even better

DSvsDP – coming, 2018 season.

Most people have forgotten about running back Donnel Pumphrey and possibly running back Darren Sproles. 34-year-old Darren Sproles whom is currently ranked top 10 in all purpose yards, is looking to compete against 23-year-old Donnel Pumphrey for a higher depth positioning in the running backs position next season.

If the Philadelphia Eagles happen to keep Darren Sproles which is most probable, the competition will begin. Donnel Pumphrey came out of San Diego State and is only three inches taller than Sproles. Some people think of him as ‘Sproles 2.0,’ which would be pretty cool! Darren Sproles will probably only play another year before departing from the National Football League, but having Donnel Pumphrey for years after feel’s comforting.

Comparing College stats: Darren Sproles came out of Kansas State University in 2005 as a fourth rounder. Sproles has shown a great skill set and effort in his college years. He carried out 45 rushing touchdowns in his four year college term (which is plenty). As well as a little under 5,000 rushing yards.

Donnel Pumphrey on the other hand, was also selected as a fourth rounder, but out of San Diego State. The cool thing about Pumphrey is that he somehow managed to rush for 17 more touchdowns and a thousand more yards than Sproles did in college. He even had more receiving touchdowns than Sproles did too!

These college stats are very encouraging for the Philadelphia Eagles. Do you think Donnel Pumphrey could outrun Darren Sproles? It’s actually a reasonably question.

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