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Chiefs release Jeremy Maclin. Should the Eagles take him?

Not that surprising after all. The 29-year-old receiver had only 536 receiving yards, and only 2 touchdowns. Chiefs release 29-year-old wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Should the Eagles sign him AGAIN? Well, considering he had only 2 touchdowns, and the Eagles only have so much cap-room. No, they should not sign him. That’s my belief. Other people may disagree, and some may agree. 2015 was a better year for him at least. 8 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards. Here are some pros and cons.

Con – He was out for 5 games in the past 2 years

Pro – He had 10 total touchdowns.


Con – He had 536 receiving yards last year.

Pro – The year before, he had 8 touchdowns and 1088 yards.


Con – He’s 29.

Pro – There is a lot of other players in the NFL older than he is.

There are much more pros & cons. But I’ll stop here. Please comment what you think about the situation.

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