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Carson Wentz scare at Eagles’ training camp

Courtesy AP/Matt Rourke
Carson Wentz getting injured again is probably the last thing any Philadelphia Eagles’ fan would want to hear. The thing is, is that was very close to happening at Eagles’ training camp on Saturday.

During their first contact 11-on-11 drills, Wentz was close to getting sandwiched, per Elijah Qualls and Josh Sweat were the cause of the scare. Fortunately, nothing happened, thanks to Qualls who dropped on his knees when he saw Wentz.

Qualls talked about the situation in an interview:

I had the guard’s arm hooked and I was pressing towards [Wentz]. But as soon as I saw the red jersey, I dropped down on my knee.

Head coach Doug Pederson was sure to address the situation to the defensive line, too.

Obviously, I know we need Wentz. But at the same time, I know that [Pederson] doesn’t want us to not play. We got to get better, too. Just be smart around the quarterback.

Well, it looks like that gasping scare can be disregarded.

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