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Can all the Philadelphia professional sports teams make the playoffs this year?

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia 76ers clinched a playoff birth, and the Philadelphia Flyers miraculous record, Philadelphia die-hard fans are beginning to wonder, can every professional Philadelphia sports team make the playoffs this year?

Well, people seem to be forgetting about the Philadelphia Phillies, whom current record isn’t so good, they’re somehow the worst team in the NL East division with a record of 1-2. Yes it is the beginning of the season, some teams are coming off rusty and they have some time to build before their 160 game season is over.

Anyways, will the Phillies help Philadelphia repeat the 2008 record they broke in Philadelphia by having every professional Philadelphia sports teams clinch a spot in the playoffs? Especially after losing to the 2-1 Atlanta Braves, 2 – 15, the answer is most likely no. The Phillies will probably not make the playoffs once again, and ruin Philadelphia’s chance of repeating 2008. Unless Gabe Kapler somehow get’s fired, or Jake Arrieta plays amazing. But otherwise, a handful of Phillies’ fans and I just can’t picture the Phillies in the playoffs, yet going to the World Series.

Maybe it’s a two-year process and Philadelphia will be able to do it next year with the Phillies’ help.

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