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Brett Favre says Doug Pederson is right for Packers head coach job

During an interview with TMZ, former Packers quarterback Brett Favre was asked if he was right for the Packers head coach position following the elimination of head coach Mike McCarthy.

Favre says he’s almost sure he’ll not return to Green Bay as the head coach. Nevertheless, he mentioned a few names that would be a good fit for the position – and mentioned current Eagles head coach Doug Pederson:

Pederson played for Green Bay as the quarterback for two seasons. He’s also fairly good friends with Favre.

For Eagles sake, hopefully Pederson isn’t even considering changing teams.

Personally, I’m almost certain he’ll stay in Philly. He’s working with young quarterback Carson Wentz and a young defense. He just got his contact extended, and he’s partnered with the most explosive general manager in the league.

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