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Allen Robinson is a great fit for Philadelphia Eagles

Ever since the departure of wide receiver Torrey Smith, a threat downfield, the Philadelphia Eagles are in need of another non-slot wide receiver like Smith was.

Many people think of Mack Hollins as a replacement for Torrey Smith, which is reasonable looking at his stats. Though, Mack Hollins is just coming off of his rookie year, not playing many snaps. He is a backup too, so he has low-expectations, which is good in most cases because people don’t expect much from him, and athletes like to prove the doubters wrong. But again, he is just coming off of his rookie year, we need to see more of him before we can picture him as a starting wide receiver; unless the coaches and staff see high potential and enough talent in him capable of replacing Torrey Smith.

But most likely, the Eagles want somebody with more NFL experience. An article I wrote yesterday, potential wide receiver replacements for Torrey Smith and Marcus Johnson, included Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, Allen Robinson.

After suffering a season ending injury in 2017, Allen Robinson is set to take stage again, but most likely on a different team.

Allen Robinson is a perfect fit for the Philadelphia Eagles. He doesn’t play slot, neither did Torrey Smith. He is a deep-field-threat, like Torrey Smith. He also plays right wide receiver, same for Torrey Smith. Everything with the Robinson, age 24, fits in perfectly for the Eagles’ needs.

In 2016 – again, he was injured in 2017, Robinson had six touchdowns for 883 yards and 73 receptions. A con about Robinson is that he caught only 48.3% of his targets. But as many know, his quarterback is tacky Blake Bortles who in 2016, put on a low 58.9% completion rate, and a lousy 78.8 quarterback rating.

But with Carson Wentz at center, Allen Robinson is capable of putting on a show for Philadelphia. On top of that, Robinson only costed a bit under $900 thousand in 2017, after putting up a show in 2016 for Jacksonville. Just imagine a Alshon Jeffery-Nelson Agholor-Allen Robinson trio. Carson Wentz would love it, and so would Doug Pederson. Allen Robinson 2016-17 highlights video is as follows:

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