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3 reasons why Philadelphia Eagles will embarrass New England Patriots

We did one of these types of article for every game in the playoffs this year, and so far we are 2-0. We are going to do another one this week, and try to go 3-0. Here are three reasons why the 13-3 Philadelphia Eagles will defeat and possibly embarrass the New England Patriots for the first time a team did in a while.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles defense – Eagles by far have one of the best defenses, if not the best in the league right now. The Eagles have only let the two opposing teams they played in the playoffs score a total of 17 points so far. If they can keep this up like they did the past three weeks, they can potentially blowout the New England Patriots.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles offense – Eagles have one of the best offenses in the league no doubt about it, even with Nick Foles under center. They blew out a top five ranked defense last week, 38-7, WHITH NICK FOLES AT QB. They can do it again, or at least beat the Patriots with an offense like last week.
  3. Momentum – The Eagles have had momentum going throughout this season, and they can’t stop now! Their defense has played excellent, same with their offense. Special teams also did well this year as usual. They also are underdogs for the third time in the playoffs, and they beat the two teams they were categorized as ‘underdogs’ to. They WILL keep it going against the Patriots defense.
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