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2018 NFL Draft: Eagles draft TE Dallas Goedert

You can’t forget that even the 2nd and 3rd round has some diamonds in it too.

Defending Super Bowl champions pick is finally in – after trading up to the Indianapolis Colts’s 49th overall pick, in exchange for Eagles’ 52nd and 169th overall pick – announced by Eagles Hall of Famer kicker David Akers (after making a scene at Dallas towards Cowboys’ fans) – the Eagles’ first selection of the draft, 2nd round, is tight end Dallas Goedert.

Goedert is a great feature and addition to the Eagles’ offense scheme. Last college season in South Dakota State, Goedert pulled in an attractive 7 touchdowns, and 1,111 yards. He was graded as a 5.87 at the NFL Combine, in late February. He is greatly know throughout college football for his gifted blocking when at the line.

Stay tuned for a possible 3rd round pick tonight, as they’re expected to trade up for one.

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